Friday, October 8, 2010

Shutters For Security and Air Funneling

To provide security without barring the windows, we have decided to build shutters that will provide the double service of helping to move breezes into the house through the open windows. This will prove itself when the temperatures and humidity of summer returns.

The Shutters will be constructed using wood from discarded shipping pallets which are often made of hardwoods.

The image above is of shutters installed on another house in the Lakewood Heights Neighborhood.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Solar Panel Construction Training Module

First step toward building the panels that will power the house. Soldering the tabbing wire onto the cells proves to be difficult. After some research we found a new conductive adhesive product from Loctite specifically for solar panel construction. The time and materials saved with its use should prove worth its rather high cost. Once the House is up and running, one of the workshops we would like to provide is Solar Panel Construction.

Into The Basement To Make Room For Water Storage

The temporary ladder into the basement was built using wood recycled from the closet taken out of room 1. Once in the basement, the first step was to remove the HVAC unit and portions of the ductwork. Next we will need to dig down another 1.5-2 feet to make room for the first of 3 10oo gallon+ ferro-cement tanks. First step before much excavation Radon Testing. Once that has come back we will open up the basement exterior door, remove the HVAC unit and other accumulated debris and start excavations. Then build the rebar forms, pour the footing place the forms and build up with multiple layers of cement. Once cured and sealed they will be used to store water from captured from the roof.

Free Desk

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Found by the dumpster of the Greater Works Assembly on Jonesboro Rd., the week after their eviction. It will need some drawers fabricated and some refinishing but it is a fantastic find.

first food from the garden

First gerkins from the garden harvested early last week. One eaten raw the other Susan used to make a Geschmorte Gurken (cucumber, bacon, ground beef and dill)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Painting With Susan

A little reStore paint goes a long way. Susan took charge of prepping and painting the interior walls. It is so nice to see such a dramatic change.